Monday, March 24, 2014

Finding The Feminine

Young women today do not have a relevant blueprint on what it means to be feminine. They have been raised either by Baby Boomers or Generation X's and those women gave up their femininity in pursuit of their masculine selves. They entered into the world of men and thought that to be successful in that world they would have to forsake their feminine aspect.

They were wrong. But they did not know that at the time. They themselves did not have a workable blueprint on how to be successful in their work lives without damaging their personal world. They too were feeling their way into a very new way of being that was set to disrupt not only the status quo for women but also for men.

Women are missing the connection with this essential part of themselves. They realize there is a disconnect. The problem is how do they reconnect with this deep and unknowable part of who they are?

To find your feminine does not mean that you have to relinquish all the wonderful masculine traits that you have developed. These abilities are hard won for many women. But the return to the feminine in a healthy way without manipulation is a task in itself, and one that will require patience.

Patience is a feminine trait. It requires letting go and the ability to wait.

See the reconnection with your feminine aspect as a journey - one that you will take at a leisurely pace that will allow you to 'feel' not only others but yourself. Feel those deep feelings that you have ignored and dismissed for as long as you can remember.

The Art of Being

The first step forward is to master the state of being.

The state of 'being' is hard to define. This is a challenge for modern women. They are time poor. They are committed for most of their waking hours. Even so time has to be found for this important step in the process of reconnection.

The state of being has to be relearned to reignite your feminine self.

Here is an exercise to start the process of reconnection with your feminine through the state of being.

Meditation: Reconnection With the Feminine Self:

1. Sit in a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for at least 10 minutes

2. Sit with your back upright, your feet together on the floor

3. Gently close your eyes and start to breathe consciously in through your nose, out through your mouth

4. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Acknowledge them and let them go

5. When a thought persist - breathe through it and let it go

6. Remind yourself you have nowhere to go and nothing to do through this process - breathe

7. Now imagine your feminine energy. What does it 'feel' like? Is it chaotic? Is it deep? Is it soft?

8. And go back to your breath - focus on your breath

9. On the next in breath imagine the chaos of thoughts and things you need to 'do' and on the out breath let them all go

10. Keep doing this till your mind calms down and you are only conscious of your breath

11. Keep going for 10 minutes

Find ten minutes every day to do this exercise. Then build it up to ten minutes twice a day until you have a new habit of taking just twenty minutes a day just for you and your feminine self. Reconnect and reignite your birthright.