Sunday, January 19, 2014


Why do women stay in relationships longer than they should when they are unhappy?
Michelle - Melbourne

There are many reasons why women do not leave unhappy relationships. Fear is the basis in many cases. Fear of being alone, fear of not finding someone else to love. Fear of being ostracized from friendship groups. Fear of being financially disadvantaged. But the most potent reason I have observed is that they do not value themselves enough. When you have a strong connection with your feminine you are in a better position to value yourself. When your energies are balanced you tend to be more balanced as a person and it is easier to believe in yourself. Then you are able to make better decisions for your longterm good.

Can women be successful at work and be connected to their feminine?
Jane - Sydney

Women who remain well grounded within their feminine aspect and balanced through their masculine can be very successful at work. These women are the beacons of light that every company is looking for. They bring their feminine aspect to the workplace and that means they bring the ability to find different levels of solutions to problems. They bring compassion and empathy making their working environment a much kinder and richer place. Connection with their feminine selves gives them another dimension to tap into. They bring the powerful gift of their feminine to their colleagues. Using their feminine in balance with their masculine has the potential to make this woman more successful, not less successful. We need more balanced women like this in the workplace.

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