Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Question of Control

She says, " I don't want you to do that"

He says, "Really, I didn't realize I had to do what you want"

  • The question of control cuts both ways. A graceful woman lets go of control. She is safe within her feminine. Her biggest ally is her 'internal NO button.'

The new feminine woman has no need to control anyone and she definitely does not allow anyone to control her either. Control can be subtle but it is always limiting. The new feminine woman is always striving to be bigger than her limited self.

The task for the graceful woman is to create a sanctuary within her feminine self.Within that sanctuary she is safe and strong. She has her 'internal NO button' firmly housed within her feminine. It gives her direction. The more she allows herself to commune with herself the stronger she grows internally. When she feels she is being controlled her answer is NO. When she knows she is being manipulated, her answer is NO. When others around her do not meet their obligations and responsibilities to her, her answer is NO. No is her friend and ally. Her protector. When her NO button is pressed by her feminine self, her masculine side can move forward with confidence and protect her through her actions in the external world. She has direction and confidence grounded in what is right for her and not those who seek to control her. 

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