Monday, January 27, 2014


Can being out of your feminine result in health problems?
Sandy - Newcastle

Good question. It has been my observation that certain types of women are more prone to health issues when they are disconnected from their feminine aspect. When they are disconnected they don't seem to have a STOP button. They tend to override the messages that their feminine side sends them. They do not give themselves enough time to relax and go within. They over work and over do everything. That could even mean over partying for younger women. Over doing things in your external world with flagrant disregard to the messages that your feminine aspect is trying to alert you to can definitely lead to health issues. Many masculine oriented women are often fatigued just because they 'do' too much. When the feminine is disregarded and women operate solely out of their masculine side there is no balance within that woman. Balance is always key to our health, both within our energetic bodies as well as our physical bodies.

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