Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Question of the Provider

She says, "I can contribute"
He says, "Thank you darling"

  • Men have traditionally been seen as the providers for their families. That has afforded them enormous amounts of respect. Economies have changed for most developed countries and many women are either co-providers, equal providers or they are the breadwinners of families now. Still, in the face of this more than equal contribution many women find themselves not respected equally by their men for their contribution.
The task here is to make it known that you appreciate your partner for her contribution. The way you do that is by showing her not telling her. Observe and notice what she needs. She might need you take on the laundry as your job or picking the children up from swimming every Thursday for example. Do not make her feel as if you are doing her a favor, you are not. She deserves the respect as an equal contributing partner of the family. She might simply need a few minutes to herself with a cup of tea when she returns from work. Never underestimate the value of the small acts of kindness. If you can value and respect your partner with the little things that mean something to her, the big things take care of themselves.

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