Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Question of Power

She says, "I just got a promotion"
He says, "What another one?"

  • Men have always enjoyed the greater piece of the pie in the power stakes. Men be prepared that the power you enjoyed just because you were born a man is probably going to be wrestled away from you by strongly male oriented women. True power has to be personal. Personal power cannot be stolen and it is the bedrock of a strong person.
The question of power is often tied up with control. Men had the power in the past because they controlled the money. That is not longer true. Women have their own money and so cannot be controlled through the withholding of money.

The task here is to respect women and yourself regardless of any financial implications. Money is a common tool of manipulation, don't succumb to using it as an easy way to control the person in your life. Be the bigger person and realize this is a game that can only be played with powerless women. Do you want to be 'that' guy? The Controller?

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