Saturday, January 18, 2014

The New Art of becoming Masculine

Men are lost ....

Men are trying to make sense of their world that has slowly but ever so surely disintegrated around them.  The old accepted roles played by men and women has changed.

Boys raised without stable and respectable male role models are lost. Without these role models they cannot know what it is like to be a real man.

To add to the confusion we have girls and women taking over the traditional males positions and roles in the world. This change started with the good work of the Feminist Movement. But has the pendulum swung too far? If it has, and I contend that it has, then men have been deprived of their masculine.

This leaves many men confused and angry and in many cases without them realizing why they feel this way.

To understand this they first have to recognize these emotions and acknowledge that they could be arising from feeling emasculated.

To embody the masculine principle they need to acknowledge that they have to be masculine in being and in behavior.

Yes, it is a difficult time for men and their masculinity. But when things get tough it is a sign to gear up and step up. It is a time to take responsibility for themselves and the changing world they find themselves in.  The onus is on them the men to stay viable in a world that is now an equal playing field for all. The time has come for "the return of the Champion".  How many of you men will pick up the gauntlet?

You have to be honest and closely examine your behavior to find a solution. 

Blaming women, bullying women and trying to get them to submit will never again be part of our life in the developed world.

Men have a wonderful opportunity to be Champions for the world. 

Times have changed drastically and we need to examine more deeply who we are as men and women. The roles have shifted and altered in major ways. So what do you do?  By doing nothing we remain lost. Lost to ourselves and our children.

Or we can make a decision to change and men can re-claim their masculinity. As women can re-claim their femininity. 

It is a challenge. The new man will face challenges from his peers and most certainly from the strongly masculine orientated women. The Champion has to be undeterred. He has a job to do and he had to do it. 

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